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UNDP Core Message
UNDP is the UN's global development network, advocating for change and connecting countries to knowledge, experience and resources to help people build a better life. We are on the ground in 166 countries, working with them on their own solutions to global and national development challenges. As they develop local capacity, they draw on the people of UNDP and our wide range of partners.

UNDP Country Office in Armenia was established in 1993. The total volume of UNDP programme since its inception to date is US$21 million, which includes UNDP core resources and donor cost-sharing. UNDP's Mandate is poverty reduction and its priorities are expressed through the Millennium Development Goals approved by the World leaders in 2000. As in other countries, UNDP in Armenia supports the government to accomplish the millennial development agenda and reach the overarching goal of cutting poverty in half by 2015.

The UNDP focus is helping Armenia build and share solutions to the challenges of:

- Achieving the MDGs and reducing human poverty
- Fostering democratic governance
- Managing energy and environment for sustainable development
- Supporting crisis prevention and recovery

UNDP helps developing countries attract and use aid effectively. In all our activities, we encourage the protection of human rights and the empowerment of women.
Achieving Millennium Development Goals in Armenia
Nations that once united after a global war and established an institution to ensure a more secure and just world joined their wills once again in 2000 in New York. This time they signed the Millennium Declaration and agreed upon eight common goals – the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) – to be reached by the whole world by 2015. Both the developed and developing countries, the North and South, East and West pledged to reach the minimum development agenda that the MDGs represent.

Armenia was one of the 191 countries that signed the Millennium Declaration. Thus, our country pledged to reach the following goals by 2015:

Goal 1: Eradicate extreme hunger and poverty.
Goal 2: Achieve universal primary education.
Goal 3: Promote gender equality and empower women.
Goal 4: Reduce child mortality.
Goal 5: Improve maternal health.
Goal 6: Combat HIV/AIDS, malaria and other diseases.
Goal 7: Ensure environmental stability.
Goal 8: Develop a global partnership for development.

Progress made towards achieving MDGs in Armenia.

Armenia remains on target to achieve most, if not all, of its Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) by 2015. In 2005, Armenia published a first progress report on meeting the MDGs (below). The progress report has a notably strong degree of adaptation to the national situation, setting out more stretch goals than the global targets. Nevertheless, achievement of all of these goals is assessed as only 'possible' or 'likely'. Rates of poverty, infant mortality and maternal mortality have fallen rapidly over the past few years, there is virtually full enrolment in schools, and the country is in the midst of education reforms that will further strengthen teachers’ salaries, training and curricula. However, challenges continue to exist in promoting gender equality, combating communicable diseases, ensuring environmental sustainability, and implementing the Government’s anti-corruption agenda necessary to utilize aid well. Another comprehensive analysis of the progress in achieving MDGs will be held in 2008. As well as disaggregated regional MDGs targets will be elaborated.

Achieving MDGs in Armenia
United Nations Global Compact

United Nations Global Compact in Armenia
Governing Prinicples of UNGC in RA
Governing Principles of UN Global Compact Local Network in Armenia >>>
Steering Committee of UNGC in Armenia
10 principles of UN Global Compact
Principle 1: Businesses should support and respect the protection of internationally proclaimed human rights; and
Principle 2: make sure >>>>

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