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PPPs by the UN Global Compact project/UNDP Armenia.
Following are the projects implemented by the GC office in Armenia in partnership with private companies.
Youth Career Trail
Total budget: USD 95,000
Donors and partners: USAID CAPS, Izmirlian Foundation, AGBU
The main objective of the YCT project is to facilitate the transition of unemployed youth into the workforce by the provision of direct employment opportunities through internships. YCT is a paid internship program, which offers young professionals an opportunity to be involved for the first time in employment relevant to their education, and to gain valuable work experience and practical knowledge to become more competitive in their access to the labor market.
During the period of 2007-2009 the Global Compact project at UNDP Armenia implemented 3 rounds of the YCT initiative, which turned to be of high demand and popularity among both the university graduates and more than 50 local private companies hosting the interns. In total 118 fresh graduates passed the YCT internship in Yerevan and 6 marzes of Armenia and around 50% of the interns were offered permanent employment by the host organizations at the end of the internship.
Arts and crafts centers for disabled
Total budget $151,000
Implementing partner - GC project/UNDP Armenia
The project was started in 2007 and the idea of the project is to establish art and craft classes for disabled in the premises of “Pyunic” association of disabled (a GC participant) in Yerevan and Gyumri. The Classes were established to provide disabled people with an opportunity to learn different arts and crafts disciplines: ceramics, embroidery, stone carving, etc. For realization of the project GC Armenia established a long-term partnership with VivaCell-MTS company, which agreed to provide all the financial resources for implementation of the project. So far 4 classes are opened in Gyumri and other 4 in Yerevan. Also by the means of the project a part of the premises of the Pyunic center (including Ball room) was renovated. In total about 150 disabled people are to benefit from the implemented project.
10 Best School Projects
Budget - $200,000
Donor -RUSAL
The first phase of the project was initiated at the end of 2007 in partnership with Rusal company. The project aims to foster the involvement of schoolchildren in the social life of the communities and of the country in general. The project gives opportunity to the schoolchildren of 8-10 classes to come out with an idea/project that will improve the social/environmental conditions in their school, neighborhood and/or community. 12 schools/projects were selected for the first round and all of them were successfully accomplished as of June 15, 2008. Considering the outstanding results of the first phase the project was continued and the second phase/contest was announced in September 2008. In November 2008 other 12 winners/schools were granted AMD 1 mln. each. The second phase of the project ends in July 2009.
Milk collection centers in Tavush marz
Project was initiated in 2007 and the idea of the project was to establish milk collection centers in Tavush marz/region of Armenia in 3 villages, which do not have access to the country market and the farmers in these villages cannot sell their milk/produce. The milk collection centers will buy all the produce from the farmers, and sell to large dairies of the country.
The project is implemented in partnership with the Center for Agribusiness and Development and “Ashtarak-kat” (one of the leading dairies in Armenia).
The MCCs were launched in June 2008 in Tovuz, Varagavan and Nerqin Karmir communities of the region.
The project was developed in cooperation with the Performance Budgeting project of UNDP and it is unique considering that it is closely related to the core business of the partner company, provides sustainability, can be replicated and is commercially viable.
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