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Youth Career Trail-4.
UNDP and Armenian Missionary Association of America announce the launch of the 4th round of Youth Career Trail paid internship program. If you have Bachelor’s or Master’s degree from Armenian universities but can’t find a job due to lack of work experience then YCT project provides you with a chance to obtain such experience through internship in leading Armenian companies and organizations. Young people aged 21-25 with no record of previous work experience can apply for an internship position corresponding to their education, announced by various Armenian companies. If selected you will pass a 6 month internship in the host company and will be paid a salary equal to USD 100 in AMD per month. Application deadline - October 31, 2012. For more information call: 010 547268.
How to apply:
1. Download/open the list of positions available for internship (PDF file below),
2. Select the position you would like to apply for and which corresponds to your education.
3. Apply for the position by sending your
. a)CV/Resume
. b) scanned copy of Diploma/Certificate
. c) scanned copy of passport (only the page with photo)
4. In the subject line mention the name of the company and the exact title of the position you are applying for.
5. You may apply for 3 positions maximum and each application should be send separately


CSR Working Group

These organizations joined the efforts to promote CSR in Armenia.

Since March 2008, four organizations active in Armenia have come together to form an informal “CSR working group” >>>>


Join the UN Global Compact - online

To join the Global Compact, a company:

1. Prepares a Letter of Commitment from the CEO to the Secretary-General of the United Nations expressing support for the Global Compact and its principles;

2. Completes the online Organization Registration Form and submits the Letter of Commitment to the Secretary-General.

How to participate

· Business_Commitment_Letter.pdf


Last News
Second meeting of the Steering Committe of UN Global Compact Armenian Network took place on December 10, 2009 at VivaCell-MTS office. The Minutes of the meeting are attached. The Sc decided to hold the next meeting during January 2010.
United Nations Global Compact

United Nations Global Compact in Armenia
Governing Prinicples of UNGC in RA
Governing Principles of UN Global Compact Local Network in Armenia >>>
Steering Committee of UNGC in Armenia
10 principles of UN Global Compact
Principle 1: Businesses should support and respect the protection of internationally proclaimed human rights; and
Principle 2: make sure >>>>

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